What’s in a Dental Implant Consent Form?

dental implant consentProceeding with a dental implant is no small decision. Before beginning any procedures, you will need to sign a dental implant consent form. The contents of the form differ slightly between clinics. We’ll go over what you can expect to see in most multi-page forms.

Provisions in a Dental Implant Consent Form

As with any dental procedure, you have to fill out paperwork. Since the forms tend to be several pages long, patients tend to sign without thoroughly reading the contract. Once you sign, you are acknowledging that you understand the procedures, so take the time to read them word for word.

Patients will normally have to sign or provide initials to verify they understand each individual provision of the agreement. When you sign, you are acknowledging:

  • authorization for the participating dentist to perform the dental implant and associating procedures.
  • that the dentist has explained the nature of the procedure, including type of implant, location and number of incisions, etc.
  • that you are aware of all required follow-up visits
  • that long-term success is not guaranteed
  • that the dentist has explained other alternative procedures and the risks of those procedures.
  • that you understand the possible side-effects, both long-term and while the gums/bones are healing.
  • that the dentist has explained the fees of individual procedures and cumulative total cost.

This is a general breakdown; expect consent forms to have far more provisions and initial boxes. If you must, take the form home to go over at your own pace or with your family. The dentist will understand and not push you to make a decision.

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