What You Must Know About Dental Implants & Diabetes

1895-dentalimplants-3It?s important that you inform your dentist of any preexisting medical conditions before undergoing any major operations. This is especially the case for diabetic patients, both type I and II. Studies have revealed a correlation between dental implants and diabetes. The latter can affect the success rate of the former.

How Are Diabetes & Dental Implants Connected?

Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce sufficient insulin. This can result in a dangerous rise or drop in blood glucose levels. Diabetes is responsible for other conditions, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and organ and nerve damage. Diabetes also inhibits the body?s ability to recover from wounds and infections. This is why it?s a concern when it comes to dental implants. The area around the implant needs ample time to heal after the operation. Diabetes can delay the process and increase the chances of an infection developing.

Increase your Dental Implants Success Rate

Even with the concern, studies show that diabetic patients can have about as good of a success rate as non-diabetic patients. This is provided that they take extra post-operation precautions. This includes the use of a chlorhexidine mouth rinse and staying on antibiotics for an extended duration. All other advice includes dental hygiene habits you should already be following. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing, etc.

Don?t Let Diabetes Interfere with Your Oral Care

If you?re diabetic, contact 1895 Dental Implants. We can get you in touch with one of our participating dentists. An evaluation can determine whether you?re a good candidate for implants. In most cases, it shouldn?t be an issue as long as you follow your treatment plan and live a healthy lifestyle. While there is a correlation between dental implants and Diabetes, there?s no reason for it to interfere with your dental health care.
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