What Is the Average Cost of a Full-Mouth Dental Implant?

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We have no problem admitting that dental implants are not cheap. An implant for a single tooth easily runs in the four-digit range. Older patients missing multiple teeth have enquired about the cost of a full-mouth dental implant. Is it as cost-prohibitive as most people think?

Factors That Determine Full-Mouth Dental Implant Cost

We could just give you a figure and be done with this post. However, too many factors come into play that make giving you a ballpark estimate is tricky. Let’s examine some of the cost factors.

  • Is the clinic locally owned or part of a franchise with multiple clinics across state lines? The latter often (but not always) have higher fees. Costs might even vary greatly between participating dentists.
  • Your jaw health. If deterioration exists, bone grafting or sinus augmentation might be required.
  • If your teeth are still in place, the dentist will need to perform an extraction, which is a separate cost.
  • Periodontal therapy, which dentists might need to perform beforehand if existing teeth are badly decayed. 

So, How Much?

If we have to place a numerical figure, we would say an average of $34,000 for full-mouth dental implants. Again, we must stress that this number is a very rough figure and could be significantly lower or higher.

Yes, we understand the price can be jaw-dropping to some people. However, keep in mind that decayed or missing teeth pose risks to your oral and general health. You can’t put a price on your long-term well-being.

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