Stabilize Your Dentures with Dental Implants

stabilize denturesAre you a denture wearer? Like many who are, you may experience discomfort because the dentures feel loose, especially when eating and chewing. When this occurs while you’re speaking, you often refrain from smiling or showing their teeth. Fortunately, you can remedy this nuisance if you stabilize your dentures with dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Help?

Dental implants secure the dentures in place, while still making it easy to remove them. How does the process work? Dentists place implants in the jaw where sufficient bone exists. They follow up by placing retaining elements, which function as press studs over the implant. With the studs, patients often describe their dentures as feeling much snugger, and more firmly but gently in place.

The Process at a Glance

Two options are generally available when you stabilize your dentures with dental implants. The more common and cost-friendly option is a simple miniature implant that works in conjunction with your existing dentures. The dentist just needs to make a small modification to your denture to make it compatible with the studs. The other option is studs along with custom-made dentures. In either case, dentures worn in conjunction with implant studs provide much-needed stability.

The Benefits

Aside from the nuisance of slipping dentures, stabilizing your dentures in this manner has some long-term benefits.

  • You no longer continually need to purchase denture adhesives
  • Stabilized dentures mean less gum tissue irritation
  • You’ll feel much more confident when you speak or smile
  • You’ll be able to chew foods normally, which is critical for jaw health

We’ll Stabilize Your Dentures

Are your dentures inhibiting the quality of daily life? Call 1895 Dental Implants to find a participating dentist who installs implants. Our advice for denture wearers is to find a solution that makes loose dentures a nonissue. Denture stabilization is a noninvasive means to achieve this end.

Solutions for Loose Dentures

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