Smoking & Dental Implants: Why the Two Don?t Mix

1895-DI-6Smoking is bad for a number of reasons; that?s a given. If you?re a smoker and are scheduled for a dental implant, then you have a whole other issue to worry about. Simply put, smoking and dental implants are a bad combination. If you often light up, then there?s a good chance you?ll cause unnecessary complications after the procedure.

How Smoking Affects Dental Implants


It Delays Recovery ? Smoking inhibits oxygen flow in the bloodstream. This, in turn, can slow the healing process. Delayed recovery also means a prolonged period of vulnerability to infection, not to mention the implant failing altogether.

Infection ? Studies show that smoking may negatively alter the ratio of good to bad oral bacteria. This leaves the implant vulnerable to infection.

Inflammation ? There is a condition known as peri-implantitis, which causes gum inflammation around the implant site. When this happens, pockets begin to develop around the gums, which prevents the bone from properly bonding to the implant. Peri-implantitis is more prevalent among chronic smokers.

Interference with Medication ? Smoking may interfere with certain post-treatment medications, such as antibiotics. Read up on this article that summarizes the potential interaction between smoking and antibiotics. It does not paint a rosy picture.

Smoking is a personal choice. However, you should at least consider temporarily quitting in the weeks before and after a dental implant operation. Of course, it?s best that you quit permanently since smoking presents a plethora of health hazards for both your oral and overall health.

Consult with a Qualified Dentist

Contact 1895 Dental Implants to get in touch with a participating dentist near you. An examination will determine whether you?re a good candidate for an operation. Our final word of advice? Smoking and dental implants don?t go together, so try to kick the habit if you?re considering an implant.

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