Are Seniors Good Candidates for Dental Implants?

dental implants for seniorsRoughly one-quarter of people over 65 years of age have lost all their teeth. Dentures often come to mind as a viable solution for seniors with major teeth loss. This also naturally leads to the question of dental implants for seniors. Are people in their golden years generally good candidates for dental implants?

What the Study Shows

There is a prevailing notion that implants are incompatible for seniors due to their old age. Does being in your 60s, and beyond really, affect your bone?s ability to heal and allow for osseointegration to take place? Fortunately, there is plenty of scientific literature in this area.

According to two separate studies, implant failure rate does NOT increase with age. There have also been discussions regarding implant failure rate and extensive use of multiple medications. Studies found no correlation between implant failure and pre-existing conditions and associated medications.

Should Seniors Transition from Dentures to Implants?

Dentures are still common due to their relatively low cost and convenience. Our advice to seniors, however, is always the same: see one of our participating dentists to determine if they?re eligible for implants.

We recommend implants for these following reasons:

  • Full dentures encompass a part of the gums and roof of the mouth. This diminishes the sense of taste by roughly 1/3rd.
  • Continued denture use can diminish bone density over time.
  • Dentures restrict chewing capacity, requiring you to forgo certain foods
  • Implants, while more expensive, can last a lifetime with proper care

Seniors Can Qualify for Dental Implants at Any Age

Regardless of your age, we recommend that you contact 1895 Dental implants. If you have been relying on dentures for some time, then maybe it?s time for a change. Dentists install dental implants for seniors all the time; find out if you qualify.

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