Platelet Rich Fibrin: The Next Big Dental Implant Innovation?

platelet rich fibrinIn a dental implant procedure, or any oral surgery, the most important aspect is the post-operation recovery. This takes place at home and not in the dental chair. As such, dentists have limited control over the process. However, a new innovation known as platelet rich fibrin just might change that.

What Is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)?

Before defining the term as a whole, let’s break the term down word by word.

  • Platelet: this is the part of your blood that forms clots and heals wounds.
  • Rich: In terms of PRF, rich simply means a high concentration of platelets.
  • Fibrin: This is a naturally-occurring protein formed during a clot and helps stop bleeding.

So, what is PRF? This is a fibrous matrix which is rich with platelets derived from centrifuged blood. With respect to dental applications, dentists have found a way to extract PRF and use it for the healing process.

How Does PRF Aid in Oral Healing?

New dental technology has enabled dentists to create a jelly-like substance out of PRF. Dentists create the jelly by extracting a patient’s PRF and placing it in a spinning centrifuge.

The body naturally relies on PRF to heal. Dentists apply the gelatinized PRF on the site of the dental implant to expedite the healing and reduce infections. The process is also safe because it utilizes a natural substance, derived from the patient, and does not involve artificially-produced compounds. More dental offices are integrating the use of PRF for dental implant and jawbone surgery recovery.

Dental Clinics Are Becoming More Efficient

We wanted to share this news in the hopes that it may ease your mind about the dental implant process. Our participating dentists always take the latest technologies into consideration in order to better serve their clients. Contact 1895 Dental Implants for dental advice or to book an appointment. Platelet rich fibrin is just one of many new innovations in our industry.

New Dental Implant Innovations

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