New Dental Implant Coating May Prevent Bacterial Infections

dental implant coatingDental implant innovations have come a long way, especially in the past decade. Improvements have resulted in implants virtually indistinguishable from a real tooth. Of course, implants still aren?t perfect, but they?re getting better. In fact, scientists are currently working on a dental implant coating that kills bacteria.

Researchers Develop Bacteria-Resistant Dental Implant Coating

Osseointegration is vital for a successful implant. This may not occur, however, due to bacterial colonization around the implant.

To combat bacterial infection, researchers in Spain have developed a new type of sol-gel synthesis and added three different anti-bacterial agents. These agents prevent bacteria from adhering to the implant screw, and they kill any bacteria that manages to develop.

A key factor in its success is the coating?s long degradation time. This allows it to remain on the implant screw for a prolonged period. The coating also contains a separate substance designed to rapidly degrade and release the anti-bacterial agent. This agent stops any infection on contact.

The dentist applies coating to the titanium screw before placing it into the tooth socket. He can, however, also apply it to the screw once the implant is already in the socket. This saves the dentist a lot of time, since implant removal is a lengthy process.

Early testing shows promising results. However, plenty of more testing is in order; don?t expect it to be in use by any of our participating dentists anytime soon.

We Are Excited About this New Innovation

Our crew at 1895 Dental Implants is enthusiastic about the possibilities. The new coating will certainly make life easier for the patient in the recovery days following implantation.

Of course, such a breakthrough is still a long way from implementation at dental offices worldwide. Until then, follow all instructions and advice from your dentist. Dental implant coatings for killing bacteria, though, represent what?s in store for the industry in the coming years.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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