Are Immediate Loading Implants Right for You?

immediate loading implantSome patients may be good candidates for an immediate loading implant. This is an integral part of dentistry that allows patients to retain normal oral function while their dental implant heals. We?ll explain the concept of immediate loading and whether it?s right for you.

What Is an Immediate Loading Implant?

With an immediate loading implant?or a same-day implant, as some call it?the patient receives a temporary crown to cap the dental implant. This usually occurs on the same day as the insertion of the implant, or in some cases, within 48 hours.

The temporary crown functions and appears just like a regular tooth. It fills in the gap of the missing tooth during the three to six months required for osseointegration to take place. Once the healing process is complete, a technician removes the temporary crown and replaces it with a permanent one.

The Pros and Cons

An immediate loading implant has several benefits. For one, it helps preserve jawbone density since the crown keeps the bone stimulated. It also improves aesthetics if you particularly dread the gap-tooth look. A temporary crown means the patient does not need to rely on temporary removable prosthesis, such as dentures.

An immediate loading implants, however, isn?t without their risks. The crown must be inserted with absolute precision. Even a little bit of wiggling will compromise the entire dental implant?s healing process. Poor bone density may also make this type of implant unsuitable.

Our advice? Speak with a participating dentist to determine if you?re a good candidate for an immediate loading implant. We usually recommend the procedure for a frontal implant with existing strong teeth on both sides.

Find Out if You Qualify for a Same-Day Implant

Contact 1895 Dental Implants to speak with a local dentist near you. An Immediate load implant can restore your smile while waiting out the lengthy healing process of your dental implant.

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Immediate Load Implants for Restoring Your Smile

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