Four Signs of a Dental Implant Failure

dental implant failure

Dental Implants have a success rate well over 90%. This is because our participating dentists can determine whether patients are good candidates for implants in the first place. However, dental implant failure does occur from time to time. Here’s how to recognize the signs that an implant is not properly healing.

1. Severe Pain

Pain is normal and expected after an implant surgery. You can treat pain with prescribed medication or Acetaminophen. However, if pain intensifies or persists long after the normal healing period, then the gum and bone might not be healing properly. The pain may also spread to the cheeks, lips, and chin.

2. Infection

If the gums appear to be unusually red and swollen, then that is a telltale sign of infection. Implant failure usually follows. The gums might also bleed and feel tender to the touch especially during brushing. Beyond oral health, you could also develop a fever as your body engages its defense system to fight the infection. Other signs of infection include bad breath and a foul taste in your mouth.

3. Implant Movement

Normal teeth have the ability to move slightly from side to side. This is because the teeth are attached via ligaments. Dental implants, though, should be firmly rooted in place. Any movement suggests the surrounding bone is deteriorating. 

4. Tingling Sensation

You might feel a persistent tingling and burning sensation, which may be accompanied by inflammation around the gums. This usually signals an allergic reaction to the implant. Dental implants consist of titanium alloy; anyone with a metal allergy could be prone to this sensation.

We Examine for Dental Implant Failure

Our advice? See a dentist the minute any of these signs begin to appear. 1895 Dental Implants advises all patients never to brush off these symptoms. The signs of dental implant failure warrant immediate attention.

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