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Finding a Dental Implant Dentist Near You

The dental implant process requires a high level of skill and experience to do well. It’s important to choose qualified dental implant providers, so a careful dialog should take place before any treatment plan is presented. You should discuss your desires and goals for implant surgery, relaying any fears or concerns you may have or compromises you won’t accept. From there, a treatment plan to replace missing teeth should be developed that addresses all the points discussed.

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dental implant providersMany dental implant dentists only diagnose and coordinate the dental implant placement, calling on an oral surgeon to do the actual placement, then adding the crown (synthetic tooth) after the implant is placed. Since dental implant placement isn’t considered a specialty, it’s important to know your doctor’s level of training and experience with implant dentistry.

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Find a Dental Implant Professional Near You!

When choosing a dental implant dentist, consider:

dental implant providers

  • How long has the dentist been working with dental implants?
  • How much training has he or she had in the implant dentistry?
  • How many previous dental implants has he or she performed successfully?
  • Are dental implant before/after pictures available of previous patients?
  • Is more than one dentist going to be involved in the procedure?
  • If so, is there a plan in place to coordinate treatment between doctors?
  • How long will the entire dental implant procedure take?
  • Does the dental implant dentist have high ratings and reviews online?

Along with obtaining answers to these questions, it’s important to note the office atmosphere and whether your dental implant dentist seems willing to listen to your needs and opinions. Look for a dental implant dentist who’s willing to explain options and procedures to you in understandable terms so you can knowledgeably participate in treatment decisions.

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