Do You Need to Replace a Missing Back Tooth?

missing toothA good number of people are missing at least one tooth. If it?s a back tooth that?s missing, should it be replaced with a dental implant? While the situation varies from one person to another, the answer is generally a resounding ?yes.?

A Missing Back Tooth Can Be Problematic

A missing back tooth may not appear to inhibit normal teeth and jaw function. It certainly doesn?t affect aesthetics or inhibit your smile. However, it does have a major impact on your overall dental health.

Tooth Loss Causes Bone Loss

The alveolar bone, which surrounds the posterior teeth, requires stimulation, which it receives from minor stress transmitted by the teeth. When the stimulation is absent, the alveolar bone will gradually wither from lack of use. A lost tooth that is not replaced, in fact, can cause a 25% decrease in the surrounding bone mass within a one-year period. The bone can also reduce in height by about four millimeters over the next several years.

The Affects of Jawbone Deterioration

When you lose bone mass in the jaw area, the contours of the lower face change, giving you an older and gloomier appearance by the time you reach your 60s and 70s. In addition, bone loss also results in gum loss. This can inhibit your speech and chewing ability as you age.

The Remedy for Tooth, Gum & Jawbone Loss

Our best advice is to get a dental implant. Since the implant eventually fuses with the bone, it simulates the movement and function of a real tooth. This keeps the alveolar bone stimulated and strong.

The Lesson: Replace Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

Contact 1895 Dental Implants to find a participating dentist near you. Even if you don?t particularly miss a lost tooth, there could be negative consequences down the road. A missing back tooth can especially be detrimental to your oral health, so don?t ignore the problem.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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