Is Dental Tourism Safe for Travelers?

dental tourismWe completely understand that dental implants are not cheap. Even if you have insurance, the out-of-pocket expense can still be quite high. This is why some people are turning to dental tourism for implants and other dental procedures. Is this a safe practice? What are the risks?

What Is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism is exactly what its name implies. This refers to the practice of vacationing overseas in order to receive dental treatment. Common countries for dental tourism include Mexico, Hungary, and China, just to list a few. Some people go to these countries solely for the dental work, returning without engaging in any tourist activities. Why? For the obvious reason of cheaper costs.

The Truth About Dental Tourism

We don’t deny that many clinics overseas offer more affordable dental implants and related procedures. Indeed, some people have received excellent care at a fraction of the price. However, dental tourism is also a gamble. In many cases, you can’t vet the clinic or see reviews. Is the dentist experienced? Does he have a history of malpractice? Some people receive seemingly adequate care, only to experience a new problem or infection within weeks of returning home. Some of the more unfortunate dental tourists experienced cysts, ulcers, and ill-fitting implants.

The problem is that work is often done on top of existing infections. Multiple procedures are also shoehorned into a very short window of time.

Furthermore, most dental implants are an ongoing process, especially if you factor in additional procedures such as a bone graft. Implants require multiple follow-up visits after the initial operation. Will you be in the country long enough to complete the procedure in its entirety?

We Perform Implants the Right Way

Our advice? Stick to a participating dentist from 2495 Dental Implants for implants and related operations. If you?re curious about dental tourism, then limit the operations to noninvasive procedures, such as a whitening or basic cleaning.

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