Dental Implants and Sugar Don?t Mix

Dental Implants & Sugar ? Puget Sound ? 1895 Dental ImplantsWho doesn?t love Halloween? October is the month of costumes, parties, ghoulish home decorations, and lots of candy. Speaking of candy, it should be noted that dental implants and sugar don?t mix. Mouth bacteria feeds on sugar and produces acid that erodes enamel; dental implants aren?t immune to the effects of this acid either. The good news, though, is that you can enjoy your children?s Halloween candy while protecting your teeth and implants.

You Can Consume Sugar with Dental Implants

Obviously, you don?t want to scarf up candy with reckless abandon, but you don?t want to completely deprive yourself either. There is always a middle-of-the-road option.
Here?s what we recommend: allot yourself one time during the day to consume one or two servings of candy. This should be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth until the next day. Brush immediately after your sugar fix. You should also compensate by consuming less sugar elsewhere, such as drinking water instead of juice or a soft drink.
The type of candy you consume matters as well. If you must indulge, refrain from Sticky Candy. If you love Starburst or Sugar Daddies, look for another favorite. Sticky Candy coats your teeth with sugar, and it can even interfere with the fusion of a recently installed implant. The same applies to any other hard candy, candy which takes a long time to dissolve in your mouth. If you must consume them, then chew away from the location of the implant.
Instead switch to chocolate or chocolate coated fruit/nuts. These not only dissolve quickly in the mouth but also have some nutritional benefits of their own.

Treat Your Implants Like Regular Teeth

For an appointment or other dental advice, contact 1895 Dental Implants. We have participating dentists throughout Puget Sound and the greater area. While dental implants and sugar don?t mix, by all means, enjoy a Halloween treat or two as long as you follow up by brushing.

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