Crohn’s Disease and Dental Implants: Exploring the Connection

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If you speak to one of our participating dentists for an initial consultation, be ready to submit your medical records. Your overall health may affect whether or not you’re eligible for implants. One health problem that might affect your eligibility is Crohn’s disease. Let’s explore the subtle but important link between Crohn’s disease and dental implants.

What Is Crohn?s Disease?

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the digestive tract. While it mainly affects the small intestine, it can also cause complications in other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. The condition affects roughly 1.6 million Americans with an additional 100,000 new diagnoses every year. 

How Does Crohn’s Disease Affect Dental Implants? 

How does an intestinal disorder interfere with dental implants? One side effect of Crohn’s disease is the lack of saliva production. This makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities. Lack of saliva also allows bad bacteria to proliferate. This leaves you prone to gum infection while healing following an implant procedure.

Since Crohn’s disease affects digestion, patients are also more prone to malnutrition. This affects your immune system, in turn affecting the gum site’s ability to heal.

Am I not Eligible for Implants?

While complications may arise, patients with the disorder definitely can have a successful implant. However, you should address any health issues beforehand that may interfere with your recovery. Work with your doctor to come up with a plan to improve ingestion and nutrient uptake.

1895 Dental Implants recommends that if you have Crohn’s, or another digestive disorders, you should consult with both your doctor and dentist. A workaround may be possible, but your care providers must be in the loop.

See a Dentist Regardless of Health

Don’t count yourself out if you have the disease. Our advice is to see one of our dentists; only an in-person consultation can determine your eligibility. The connection between Crohn’s disease and dental implants does not mean one is ineligible. 

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