What Causes Dark Lines Around Your Gums?

dark lines around gumsDo you notice dark lines around your gums? This is certainly appears unsightly and may also indicate a serious condition. This is also an issue that can affect your viability for dental implants. We’ll explain what causes these dark lines and whether you should be worried.

Why Dark Lines Form Around Gums

Those dark lines may be attributed to one of three causes:

1. Bone Loss

Dark lines may be a symptom of bone loss. Lack of bone density can affect osseointegration of an implant. This is one of the problems a dentist will look for when determining whether you’re a good candidate for implants.

2. Gum Recession

Dark or yellowish lines are a symptom of a receding gum line. Teeth sensitivity may also increase due to the exposed root surface. A dentist may treat gum recession using a gum grafting procedure. This prevents the recession from progressing and strengthens the affected teeth.

3. Older Crowns

Older crowns contain metal beneath the porcelain cover. The porcelain gradually wears away, exposing the metal, which may show through the gum line. You can remedy this problem by replacing the crown with a new one that is all white with no metal interior.

What About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Can cosmetic dentistry minimize the dark lines? It can. However, cosmetic dentistry is just cosmetic. If bone loss or gum recession is causing the dark lines, then a dentist needs to address that cause of the symptom first, before addressing any cosmetic treatment.

Improve Your Viability for Dental Implants

Our advice is simple: seek treatment if you notice any dark lines. Call 1895 Dental Implants today to connect with one of our participating dentists. Dark lines around your gums may affect the success rate of a dental implant; be sure to notify your dentist about them.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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