Can You Replace Wisdom Teeth with Dental Implants?

wisdom teeth dental implantSeveral people have enquired whether they can replace wisdom teeth with dental implants. Is it possible, and should you do so? In this article we’ll explain the problems normally associated with wisdom teeth and why dentists normally recommend removal in the first place.

The Truth About Wisdom Teeth

Some people are missing one or two wisdom teeth while the others are properly in place. They wonder if an implant is possible so they can have an even set of teeth.

Yes, you can theoretically install a dental implant to replace a missing wisdom tooth. However, we can’t imagine a scenario in which this would be advisable.

The problem with wisdom teeth is that they are vulnerable to impaction within the jawbone. Impaction creates openings and crevices for plaque to settle. This is why most dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. Once extracted, you do not need to replace the teeth. Unlike other teeth, their absence does not cause jawbone erosion from loss of stimulation.

When You Need a Dental Implant

In all other scenarios, you need to replace missing teeth. Wisdom teeth, due to their inconvenient location way in the rear, are an exception.

Since you don’t need to replace wisdom teeth, some people believe you don’t need to replace molar teeth either. These are the teeth adjacent to the wisdoms. Actually, you need to replace the molars for the same reason you need to replace all other teeth. Jawbone atrophy is a serious oral risk when you don’t replace teeth.

Our advice? See our participating dentists if you have any missing teeth other than your wisdom teeth.

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