Can a Dental Implant Replace a Lost Tooth?

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If you’re engaged in a high-impact sport, such as football, hockey, or MMA, your teeth are at risk of injury. Athletes are especially at risk of losing a tooth. Can you save a lost (avulsed) tooth (a dental avulsion), or will you require a dental implant?

What to Do After a Tooth is Lost

You might have heard about storing a lost tooth in milk. This is precisely what you’re supposed to do. The tooth may contain some of the roots. Milk has a neutral pH balance and it has minerals that could keep the roots alive until you get to a dentist. 

Our advice? Store the tooth in cold milk and head to your nearest clinic within 30-minutes. If milk is not immediately available, then rinse the tooth and store it between your check and gum. This will prevent the roots from drying out. Don’t do this, though, with younger children as they could swallow the tooth. In this instance, store the tooth in a cup with the child?s saliva.

Treatment for a Lost Tooth

If the tooth broke above the gumline, a dentist might recommend a root canal and restore the tooth’s structure with a crown. If the breakage occurs below the gumline, then a dental implant or bridge might be in order. 

Athletes tend to be young. Therefore, they probably have a strong enough jawbone to support a dental implant. In fact, this is all the more reason to opt for an implant. Choosing to use a denture or to do nothing at all can lead to bone deterioration years down the line.

We Treat an Avulsed Tooth

Our participating dentists know what to do when patients rush through their doors with a dental emergency. An avulsed tooth could be salvageable. 1895 Dental Implants urges that you make haste in the event of a lost tooth.

Dental Implants for Avulsed Teeth

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